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Home Office

As you may be aware we moved home at the end of last year, which was quite an upheaval! We are fairly settled now but are battling a bit with a lack of space, as the house is incomplete – our project for 2015!


Unfortunately we have ended up in a situation, where we have less “general” space than in our previous house but once we have completed our planned alterations, that should be sorted. One of the main areas I am struggling with, is not having a proper home office. In our old home my office was in our spare room/study but it is now in our bedroom. I am finding this setup less than ideal, as our bedroom is mezzanine and open plan. Which means I hear all the noise from downstairs, this is not good for writing or work productivity in general.

We have just… Continue reading

Made by You & Cavendish

Last week I attended the launch of the Made by You & Cavendish Recycle Pop-Up Store in Cavendish square, in Claremont.

Made By You & Cavendish Recycle Pop-up Store

To give you a bit of background on this project – over the past three month Cavendish have been running a #cavendishcares project which focused on the WDC2014 theme “TODAY FOR TOMORROW – sustainable solutions for people and planet”. They tasked local green designers including Pitchulik, WREN & Give It Bag to create sustainable products utilizing the waste produced at Cavendish Square.


The challenge was to turn the waste into beautifully designed, functional and desirable recycled products, to in turn amplify the visibility of the Centre’s sustainable outlook. Through this initiative, titled ‘Made By You & Cavendish Square’ (MBY&C), the Centre’s shopping community, have in fact contributed to the creation of these products!


I thought I would share a few photo’s I took at… Continue reading

Home Decor

In a few months we will be moving to new home and taking on quite a large renovation project! Although somewhat scary, I love home decor projects, especially the journey of personalising a space and making it your own. I find the process so creative and extremely satisfying.

Home Decor Natures-Inspiration

When it comes to home decor I prefer, neutral and natural-looking decor, particularly when it comes to floor coverings. Wood or natural stone costs a bomb, so I was very intrigued when I heard about Johnson Inkjet Tiles. These beautiful tiles provide a great substitute to home owners, who want to embark on home improvements and prefer the natural look, but may not have the budget for natural stone or solid wood flooring.

As I have mentioned before bringing nature into your home decor, is a good place to start your creative process, especially when looking at colour palettes.… Continue reading

As you know I love interior decor and finding creative ways to give a space a new lease on life, whether it is by changing wall colour or introducing interesting decor items.

Getting Organised with 27Pinkx

The thing is decor and interiors are not only the pretty, aesthetic aspects but also involve organisation and practical storage solutions, to help a space function better.

My eldest daughter turned 13 this year which has prompted making a few decor changes in her bedroom. In essence removing all the very girlie items to make way for a more mature, trendy look. We created an accent wall by painting one wall a vibrant jewel green shade and introduced visual interest by adding Black and White prints.


We also need to find a home for her ever expanding makeup collection – she is my daughter after all! There are so many different types of storage solutions to choose from… Continue reading

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