It is time for our monthly blogger interview, in fact this will be the last Confessions of a Blogger for 2014! I still cannot believe that it is almost Christmas, never mind the end of another year!!!

So this will officially be our Christmas Interview! Today we meet Leana, from Hipstyler, Pretty & Ginger. Leana is a gorgeous local blogger, with a wicked sense of humour! I have gotten to know Leana a bit better over the past year – she is really fun to be around and no matter what kind of day I am having, she always makes me laugh! {Online and in person :) }

Confessions of a Blogger Leana & Marks

 Hi my name’s Leana and I am an equally proportional hipster, beauty lover, corporate paralegal, Sponge Bob lover, supporter of the “Hug a Ginger” initiative and generally a dysfunctional 20 something year old. I’m a born and bred Capetonian corporate law compliance officer by day and raging indie band groupie (amongst other things) by night.

  • When did you start your journey as a blogger and why? I started blogging in May 2013. At the time, I’d just started the Hey Gorgeous Twitter account and I needed a platform to direct potential Hey Gorgeous clients to as the brand didn’t have a website yet. A blog seemed like the easiest thing to do and so Hipstyler Pretty & Ginger was born.
  • Do you blog fulltime or do you have a regular 9-5 as well? The dream is to earn loads of money… Continue reading

Volare “to soar or fly”

I have always loved Italian cuisine and a recent trip to Italy reaffirmed this love. I am not talking run-of-the-mill pizza and pasta but real authentic Italian food!

Volare new menu

Imagine my delight when Grant and I were invited to dine at Volare at Peddlars & Co, in Constantia! Peddlars, a local landmark, has become one of the most recognised and beloved destinations in Constantia.


As one of the more recent additions, Volare became part of the Peddlars & Co family in 2012. The restaurant recently underwent a complete menu revamp, at the hands of talented chef Brad Ball. Brad Ball has been a name synonomous with Bistro 1682 at Steenberg, for the past five years! He recently joined Peddlars & Co to put his stamp on this Cape Town institution and bring it up to date, with the rest of the culinary world. One of Brad’s ideas for Volare was for it to be a dining experience, rather than just another meal out. The menu is anything but ordinary and in my opinion a much-needed addition to the Constantia Valley!


As I mentioned we travelled to Italy recently and one of the main highlights for me, was eating Italian food as it was intended – fresh local produce, simply prepared, with the most heartfelt passion! {and not a Hawaiian pizza in sight!} One glance at the Volare menu and I was transported back to Tuscany.


The main thing to understand as far… Continue reading

{Entries are Closed}

I am sure not what type of gifts are on your Christmas Wishlist but I am big homeware fanatic! Don’t get me wrong a beautiful bracelet would not go amiss but gadgets and decor items are much more my thing. We are also in the process of renovating, so I am always on the lookout for new and different decor pieces to add to my living spaces.

Boardmans online shopping

When it comes to buying gifts for others, I always try to buy something useful, as well as something the person would really love. I love the fact that most retailers now have an online shop because although I love Christmas, I am not mad about over-crowded shops!

You may have seen the Gift Guide which I have been compiling, which I think is very useful, especially if you have no clue what to buy for someone! There are gift ideas to suit the whole family, ranging from gifts under R100, to the more luxury items that may very well break the bank! One of the shops which I have included in my Gift Guide, is Boardmans. They have a great selection of home decor items, gadgets, appliances, linen, as well as outdoor items.

Morphy Richards Avalanche Ice Cream Maker

Something which has been at the top of my Christmas wish list forever is an Ice Cream Maker! I have been wanting one for so long but somehow the more practical gadgets always seem to take precedence! The Morphy Richards Ice Cream Maker above… Continue reading

Nescafe Dolce Gusto

You all know how much I love coffee and being that “giving” time of the year, I would love to share some festive cheer and coffee love with you! This year Nescafe Dolce Gusto wants to spread the Christmas cheer to existing and new Nescafe Dolce Gusto fans. What better way to do this than by playing a fun game of Pass the Parcel!

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Pass the Parcel

Everyone will stand a chance to get in on the Christmas festivities by passing the parcel via an exciting Facebook app. A fun app will see a virtual pass-the-parcel making its way among friends and readers until the very last layer has been unwrapped to potentially reveal one of 50 Nescafe Dolce Gusto’s or accessories. To enter the offical Nescafe Dolce Gusto Pass the Parcel, visit their Facebook App and please ensure you read Nescafe’s Terms and Conditions before entering. Keep reading to find out how you can double your chances of winning with Inspired Living SA!

Nescafe-Dolce-Gusto-Pass the Parcel with Inspired Living SA

Nescafé Dolce Gusto have very kindly given Inspired Living a chance to play our own exclusive pass-the-parcel! Follow the simple steps below and you could stand the chance of winning a Nescafe Dolce Gusto! Each day a entry will be selected and that person will “unwrap” a layer of the parcel! The reader who unwraps the final layer, will reveal the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Prize! Exciting – right!!??

To enter please leave a comment telling me that you have completed all the steps on the… Continue reading

Nailed It Lacquers

As you well know I am a bit of a nail polish junkie but lately I have been wearing the same old colours – boring I know! Well imagine my excitement when a pretty little package from Rubybox arrived at my door and woohoo it contained three of their recently launched, Nailed It Lacquer Summer Shades!

Rubybox-Nailed-It-Lacquer Sunset Horizon

The rubybox Beauty Nailed It Lacquer collection is the perfect addition to the rubybox offering. Each season Rubybox will release up to ten new shades, starting with their Summer Collection, featuring sexy brights and pretty pastels.


I am always a bit skeptical when trying out new nail polish as I have a few go-to brands, which I use religiously! Well I was not disappointed with the Nailed It! Lacquers; they paint very well and I have found the staying power really good. I also found that you could actually get away with one coat, {plus a clear top coat} if you are in a rush, which I usually am!

The brief from Rubybox was to create fun nail art looks for summer using the Sunset Horizon collection which they sent me. The three shades in my Nailed It Lacquer collection are: Sweet as Candy, Just Peachy and Monday Blues, perfect summery shades! The collection is currently on sale on the Rubybox website for R149.95, reduced from R224, which I think is an absolute bargain for three shades!

Let me please just point out that I am… Continue reading

Discover McGregor

I recently posted a travel feature “McGregor Rediscovered” and promised I would do a follow up article, featuring fun things to do in and around McGregor.

Lords Wines McGregor

As I mentioned in my previous article a day trip to McGregor or the Langeberg Valley, is simply not enough time to explore this beautiful area! I was there for three days and we although we managed to cram so much into that time, there were still things I did not get to experience.

The area definitely lends its self to spending time outdoors. There are great hiking trails and walks you can enjoy with the whole family, you can go fishing or mountain biking, to mention but few of the fun outdoor activities available!

Eseltjiesrus Donkey Sanctuary

  • Eseltjiesrus Donkey Sanctuary ~ We visited the sanctuary on our first morning in McGregor and I would highly recommend to pay it a visit if you are in the area. Eseltjiesrus Donkey Sanctuary is situated just 5kms outside the village of McGregor, on the road between Robertson and McGregor. The sanctuary is run by a wonderful group of people and provides a permanent refuge for abused, neglected and elderly donkeys. Eseltjiesrus gives these poor animals the opportunity to live out their lives with respect and dignity!  Apart from visiting the sanctuary and spending time with the donkeys, you can help support the sanctuary by adopting a donkey for a year. You choose the amount you wish to give to your donkey. In turn… Continue reading

Multiply by Momentum

As a woman one of the most important things to me is financial well-being! I am not talking fast cars and a lavish lifestyle but rather knowing there is enough money in the bank to provide for our family and to get out of a pickle in an emergency. To quote a very wise woman “a girl has to have her running away money!!”

Financial Wellness with Multiply

Being a “stay-at-home-mom” makes having complete financial independence a bit tricky but it is still vital to ensure your financial security and make sure you are in the loop as far as finances go. I am not the main breadwinner in the family but that does not mean I must live with my head in the sand. My hubby and I discuss all financial decisions and I have made a point of always knowing where I stand financially.

Having a hubby who is in the financial game has been a great asset. Although at times I lose interest when he starts with the financial jargon, I am definitely aware of my financial health.

The thing is although I know quite a bit about my financial status in general terms, there are definite gaps when it comes to my financial planning for the future.

Multiply by Momentum

I became more aware of a few of these weak areas recently, when I answered a questionnaire on Momentum’s website, as part of the Multiply rewards programme. It made me realize that there are definite areas in my Financial Wellness… Continue reading

After a very long break we are back with our interview series, Confessions of a Blogger! YAY! Once a month you will get to meet a fabulous blogger and get to know a bit more about them and what makes them blog. Today we meet one of my favourite local, lifestyle bloggers Lana from Lanalou Style!

 Confessions of a Blogger Lana from Lanalou Style

Hi there, I’m Lana from Lanalou Style. I live in Cape Town, in the city bowl and am 36 years old. I’m mad about my city, quirky spaces, colour and good design.

  • When did you start your journey as a blogger and why? I started blogging in 2009 as a way to keep myself busy during quiet times at work (I was working at an interior store at the time). I was also looking for a way to be creative and to share my photos. There were never any long term blog intentions but my blog evolved over the years and has become very much a part of my life. I think I would find it very difficult to part with now!
  • Do you blog full-time or do you have a regular 9-5 as well? I am self employed and offer website design and blogging lessons along with various online design services. I blog almost daily and my blog definitely helps in promoting my design services and serves as a marketing tool.


  • Tell us a little about your space on the interweb and what you blog about? Lanalou Style… Continue reading

Inspiration ~ Creativity

I am not sure about you but the past few weeks have been crazy and we are only just approaching the “silly season”! Blogging has been near on impossible over the past few weeks, so please excuse the sporadic posts! Things are slowly reaching some sort of normalcy – thank heavens.


We have been in our new home for three weeks, which I cannot believe, it seems like just yesterday that we moved. To say that it has been an easy transition would be an outright lie! There have been quite a few unexpected issues with the new house {to put it mildly}, which has meant we have had to throw ourselves headlong into renovations. Not to mention both girls trying to study for exams among the chaos. Needless to say stress levels have been at an all time high in our home!

The thing is you need to find an outlet for the stress, to avoid complete and utter melt down! Generally there are two main things which help me de-stress, one being running and the other Creativity! The need to be creative is definitely  in my DNA and from very young age, I found that creativity needs to be a part of my daily life.

Creativity comes in so many forms! For me it started out as drawing when I was younger and as I have matured my blog has become one of my creative platforms. I also love the creativity of… Continue reading


Change is not always an easy thing to go through! We become so comfortable in our existence and change or even the thought of change can be a scary thing! The biggest problem is without change we cannot grow. If you look at the definition of the word change, it means to make or become different. So when we change the course of our life, we allow ourselves to become different, in other words we GROW!


This week we are undertaking a big change and moving home. We are not moving far, in fact staying the same general area but I realised it not the move which scares me but rather the thought of change and uncertainty. Although I am super excited about moving and the prospects it brings with it, I am still nervous about how it will impact our lives.

If you look at some of the lists of stressful life events, many rate moving home to be up there with some of most stressful events, you will experience in your life! I can certainly attest to this! Packing up a home after 8 years is not for the fainthearted – the sheer amount of “stuff” you accumulate is outstanding! I know it is nowhere near as stressful as losing a loved one or going through a divorce but the process of moving, forces you out of your comfort zone. Plus you face having to leave the home, you have made… Continue reading


There are many “things” that we think we need in life ~ money, success, fame but if you ask people what they really want out of life, the answer is usually  Happiness. The problem with this is many people think that if they have money, success, fame etc. first, then they will be happy.

Inspiration ~ Happiness

The truth is we need to let go of the things we think we need and who we think we are meant to be, before we can find true happiness. Often we fall short of happiness because the things we thought would make us happy, turn out to be a disappointment.

I spent this past weekend at a mother and daughter camp with my eldest, which turned out to be way more challenging physically than I ever expected! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy being physical and being out doors but I am a perfectionist and dislike having to do things I am not comfortable with. Well I was forced way outside of my comfort zone, as we had to do a 11km paddle on the Breede River and for some reason river rafting has never been my idea of fun! The second part of the challenge was I had to paddle with my daughter – we both like to be in-charge so you can well imagine the fight for power that ensued!

We came back from camp exhausted and stiff from a full day of physical activity but ultimately and most importantly we… Continue reading

Perfect Nude Lip

Although I love brights or pastels for lips in summer, one of my favourite looks is a nude lip. This works especially well if you are going for a bit more colour on the eye.

This is my perfect combo for a nude lip for summer:

Perfect Nude Lips for Summer



MAC Boldly Bare Lip Pencil ~ I love MAC lip pencils and Boldly Bare is the perfect nude shade to cover all bases, from your skin-toned nudes to the more pink based shades. RRP R175 available online at MACCosmeticsSA


GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick Cappuccino ~ I have quite a few nude lipsticks but this is by far the closest to a true nude that I have found. It does look slightly more pink in the image above, the truer colour would be the image with all three products. The texture of the lipstick is wonderful and extremely moisturising. RRP R100 available online at Edgars Red Square.


GOSH Volume Lip Shine Nude ~ I have quite a few of the GOSH lip glosses and have really enjoyed using them. I cannot say that I find this product overly Volumising but I love the feeling on my lips! It is wonderfully moisturising and the added bonus is the SPF10. The Nude Volume Shine works perfectly with the Cappuccino Lipstick and gives you that extra kissable pout :) You do not have to add the gloss, if you do not want to but I am a lip gloss girl! RRP R120 available online at Edgars… Continue reading

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