Protea Hotel Fire & Ice

Earlier this month saw the re-launch of a cool, new-look Protea Hotel Fire & Ice in Cape Town!  My hubby and I were invited to spend a night at the hotel and experience “More Fire More Ice” for ourselves.

Protea Hotel Fire-&-Ice-Reception

The Protea Hotel Fire & Ice Hotel is what I would call an urban hotel, situated in the heart of the Cape Town CB. The location is perfect, especially if it is your first trip to the city, as it is so centrally situated. The views of Table Mountain are outstanding and you are within walking distance to many of the trendy bars and cafes, on Kloof and Long Street.

Protea Hotel Fire-&-Ice-Rooftop-view


The new-look hotel is fresh and modern, without being clinical. I love the clever use of glass and light, which marry the communal spaces. The crackled glass illuminated table, is a work of art and the perfect spot to surf the web or  simply kick back with a drink.


Comfortable pause areas have been created, using relaxing natural tones and textures, as well as stunning design elements. These spaces are further  enhanced by pops of bright colour.


The hotel staff are friendly and welcoming. We received a lovely sweet treat in our room, as well as a personalised welcome note. Our hotel rooms was fairly small, with a shower cubical in the room, typical of most urban hotels and had a great modern feel.


The stunning glass bar, on the ground floor,… Continue reading


There are many “things” that we think we need in life ~ money, success, fame but if you ask people what they really want out of life, the answer is usually  Happiness. The problem with this is many people think that if they have money, success, fame etc. first, then they will be happy.

Inspiration ~ Happiness

The truth is we need to let go of the things we think we need and who we think we are meant to be, before we can find true happiness. Often we fall short of happiness because the things we thought would make us happy, turn out to be a disappointment.

I spent this past weekend at a mother and daughter camp with my eldest, which turned out to be way more challenging physically than I ever expected! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy being physical and being out doors but I am a perfectionist and dislike having to do things I am not comfortable with. Well I was forced way outside of my comfort zone, as we had to do a 11km paddle on the Breede River and for some reason river rafting has never been my idea of fun! The second part of the challenge was I had to paddle with my daughter – we both like to be in-charge so you can well imagine the fight for power that ensued!

We came back from camp exhausted and stiff from a full day of physical activity but ultimately and most importantly we… Continue reading


You may have read a recent post I did featuring my stay at the stunning Steenberg Hotel, if not what are you waiting for?! As I illustrated in the article Steenberg Hotel and Farm is a one-stop luxury destination, with two great restaurants on the estate. I promised I would give you a bit more detail about the “in-house” dining offered on the estate, so here goes.


Catharina’s Restaurant is situated within walking distance of  the Steenberg Hotel and features a main restaurant, bar area and separate dining area, perfect for special occasions.


The décor in the bar and restaurant, is an elegant mix of modern and old school glamour. A multitude of origami swans, are suspended from the ceiling, which gives the space an almost magical feel.



Catharina’s is the epitome of modern fine dining! As well as being a lunch and dinner venue, it is also where we enjoyed breakfast, as guests of the hotel. You may choose to either dine indoors for breakfast or on the patio, surrounded by the beauty of the vineyards. What a view! If the weather is good I highly recommend sitting outside!


I was fortunate to spend two nights at the hotel, giving me the opportunity of having breakfast in the main restaurant and on the patio outside.


I must admit I am a bit fussy when it comes to breakfast, especially when it comes to the cooking of eggs! Well Catharina’s did not disappoint from the stunning… Continue reading

Inspiration ~ Comparison

Comparison is one of those extremely dangerous things, ask me I know! I very easily find myself looking at others, whether in real life or on the web and comparing myself to them. It could be something as silly as seeing someones great new hair style and wishing that could be me {I really need a haircut!}, forgetting how blessed I am and how full my life is at the moment!

Inspiration Comparison is the thief of joy

Especially doing what we do, as Bloggers, it is so easy to allow “Comparison to be the thief of joy!” Everything online is instant and in your face, making it so difficult, not to compare yourselves with others. People who we perceive to be more successful, more beautiful, more popular…the list goes on. If we were to just take a step back and think about all we have and how successful we are in our own right, instead of always comparing ourselves, it is indeed possible to find happiness.

Happiness is when you stop comparing yourself to other people

I know in my personal journey, I need to keep myself motivated and set myself challenges each week, to keep myself focused and on the right track. The challenge for this week is to not compare myself to others, be happy for others and their successes but most of all realise, that I am where I am meant to be! So I challenge you to do the same – let go of comparison, be who YOU are meant to be and be HAPPY!


Image Source: Pinterest… Continue reading

Made by You & Cavendish

Last week I attended the launch of the Made by You & Cavendish Recycle Pop-Up Store in Cavendish square, in Claremont.

Made By You & Cavendish Recycle Pop-up Store

To give you a bit of background on this project – over the past three month Cavendish have been running a #cavendishcares project which focused on the WDC2014 theme “TODAY FOR TOMORROW – sustainable solutions for people and planet”. They tasked local green designers including Pitchulik, WREN & Give It Bag to create sustainable products utilizing the waste produced at Cavendish Square.


The challenge was to turn the waste into beautifully designed, functional and desirable recycled products, to in turn amplify the visibility of the Centre’s sustainable outlook. Through this initiative, titled ‘Made By You & Cavendish Square’ (MBY&C), the Centre’s shopping community, have in fact contributed to the creation of these products!


I thought I would share a few photo’s I took at the event, showcasing a few of the amazing products on offer. Remember Christmas is not far off, so this is the perfect opportunity to get your shopping started ;)

Made By You & Cavendish Soanesbury

Made By You & Cavendish Soanesbury


Made By You & Cavendish



MBY&C Give-It-Bag


I would just like to mention that all the proceeds from sales from MBY&C go directly to the creators of the products and not to Cavendish Square, which I think is awesome!

MBY&C Coaster Making

At the launch we also got a how-to demonstration from Tsidi Ramofolo, from NEWCO designs, on DIY coaster making.


A project which really stood out for me, at the launch, is the Street Sleeper!  The Street Sleeper … Continue reading

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As you know October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and Inspired Living, along with Catrice is turning up the pink to support this cause! Having lost my own mom to cancer, when she was just a bit younger than I am now, has made me even more passionate about breast cancer awareness!

Catrice Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It is also vital that my girls are informed and educated about this disease. Many breast lumps are harmless, but they should all be checked. Some people tend to adopt the attitude of rather not knowing and think that Cancer is something that will never happen to them. Well think again – ignorance is no way to live your life! It is important to be informed and educated, ensure that you examine your breasts regularly and if you are over 40, to go for regular check-ups to detect any abnormalities before they become life-threatening.

CatriceSA very kindly sent Inspired Living a makeup hamper to create a pink inspired makeup look! I decided to have a bit of fun with this campaign and involve my girls because well they LOVE makeup! I guess it is hard not to with a mom like me ;) Below you can see the two looks we created and the products we used.

Pink-Makeup-Look for Breast Cancer Awareness


Pink Makeup for Breast Cancer Awareness

We used the following Catrice products to create this look: Eyes ~ Absolute Bright Eyeshadow Palette{using the pink and grey shadows on the top lid with a bit of highlighter… Continue reading

Steenberg Hotel

Steenberg is the oldest farm in the Cape and has a rich and fascinating history. The farm’s first owner, the feisty Catharina Ustings Ras, was the first female landowner in Southern Africa. Catharina’s life story tells a very interesting tale! One steeped in lore and myth, filled with daring escapes, tumultuous loves and untimely deaths.

Steenberg-Farm and Wine Estate

In 1682 Catharina, also known as The Widow Ras, asked Simon van der Stel for a portion of ground at the foot of the Ou Kaapse Weg and he agreed to lease 25 Morgen to her. After he became the owner of Groot Constantia in 1685, she asked him for a legal title-deed and a mandate was granted to her in 1688 to “cultivate, to plough and to sow and also to possess the farm below the stone mountain.”

At the dawning of the Cape, the swans rejoined, feeding in paradise at the foot of the Steenberg Mountains.

The farm’s original name was ‘Swaaneweide’ – The Feeding Place of Swans. Catharina, perhaps overcome by nostalgia for the swans of her native Lübeck Germany, mistook the area’s spur-winged geese for swans. These geese still roam freely on the estate, harking back to Catharina’s day.


The farm changed hands several times over the years, until Graham Beck bought Steenberg Hotel and Steenberg Winery in April 2005. Steenberg Hotel has since flourished into a complete luxury destination, with two fine restaurants, an award-winning winery, a championship 18-hole golf course, illustrious private homes and… Continue reading

Perfect Nude Lip

Although I love brights or pastels for lips in summer, one of my favourite looks is a nude lip. This works especially well if you are going for a bit more colour on the eye.

This is my perfect combo for a nude lip for summer:

Perfect Nude Lips for Summer



MAC Boldly Bare Lip Pencil ~ I love MAC lip pencils and Boldly Bare is the perfect nude shade to cover all bases, from your skin-toned nudes to the more pink based shades. RRP R175 available online at MACCosmeticsSA


GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick Cappuccino ~ I have quite a few nude lipsticks but this is by far the closest to a true nude that I have found. It does look slightly more pink in the image above, the truer colour would be the image with all three products. The texture of the lipstick is wonderful and extremely moisturising. RRP R100 available online at Edgars Red Square.


GOSH Volume Lip Shine Nude ~ I have quite a few of the GOSH lip glosses and have really enjoyed using them. I cannot say that I find this product overly Volumising but I love the feeling on my lips! It is wonderfully moisturising and the added bonus is the SPF10. The Nude Volume Shine works perfectly with the Cappuccino Lipstick and gives you that extra kissable pout :) You do not have to add the gloss, if you do not want to but I am a lip gloss girl! RRP R120 available online at Edgars… Continue reading

Pamper Essentials

Regular pamper time is vital for my sanity! I try to indulge in a DIY pamper session at home, at least once a week! Whether is a long soak in a hot, sudsy bath or a simple face mask, I definitely need some me time!

Pamper Essentials

These are a few of my What’s Hot pamper products, which make great pamper essentials:

Pamper Essentials

  • Mio Liquid Yoga ~ This restorative bath soak is perfect for soaking tired, aching muscles. I find it especially great after vigorous exercise. The warning on the packaging reads “may cause relaxation and happiness…” :) Liquid Yoga is a non-foaming{No Sodium Lauryl or Laureth Sulphate} blend of essential oils, mineral salts and therapeutic herbs. RRP R550.00 Mio Skincare SA
  • Wellness Warehouse Earth Family Range ~ This is a proudly South African range of products from Wellness Warehouse, which I recently discovered. The range uses safe and natural ingredients, to guarantee a perfect solution for the whole family. Earth Family covers a range of products from hand wash and lotion to body wash, buff and moisturiser, room spray and bath foam in natural Happy Orange fragrance. Products are enriched with ingredients like moisture-rich yucca and soothing aloe vera. I have been using the Happy Orange Clean Body and Soft Body combination, which are perfect, as I am slightly obsessed with citrus fragrances at the moment! RRP Soft Body 250ml R 59,99 and Happy Orange Clean Body Wellness Warehouse.
  • Healing Earth ~ … Continue reading

One of the main goals with My 100 Healthy Days with Well I am, is to eat a healthy diet and cut out all processed foods. As I have mentioned before I am not big on dieting per se but prefer to eat healthy meals and limit my portion size, essentially making lifestyle changes, as opposed to sticking to a strict diet or eating plan.

Healthy Recipes by Inspired Living SA

The main difficulty most people find when it comes to healthy meal preparation, is to ensure the food you are eating is tasty and appealing, as well as being healthy and low in calories – in my opinion there is nothing worse than eating a plate of unappetizing, “grey”, steamed food! So I thought I would share a few of My Healthy Recipes and meal options, which are perfect for the whole family as well!

Vanilla and Berry Smoothie

  • Vanilla and Berry Smoothie ~ Smoothies are a great breakfast option and you can really let your imagination run wild, when it comes to ingredients! My favourite smoothie is vanilla yogurt and berries.You can use either fresh or frozen berries. I also like to add two scoops of protein power to my smoothies for an extra energy boost in the morning, especially if I am excising. For the full recipe click here

Vanilla and Berry Smoothie


  • Muesli with Fruit and Yogurt ~ Another great breakfast option is Muesli, which you can make yourself or you do shop bought but ensure you choose one which is not loaded with saturated fat and sugar!… Continue reading
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